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Download Movie: Sniper (2020) [Chinese]

The Tiger Security Team of the Storm Security Company is responsible for security and rescue work. Luo Xinglie is punished for accidentally injuring a hostage during a rescue mission. He gets reduced to a security officer and gets no reward for the mission. At this time, the Tiger Team receives a new mission, hired by the International Peace Foundation, to escort a truck full of water purifiers and a large number of crop seeds to the villages of Sakiya for civilian assistance. However, due to the invasion of the non-government organization in Sakya, some areas are in war. The team is likely to encounter fighting, and the unknown danger is gradually approaching.

Starring: Tianye Ren, Zhi Shi, Zhang Dong

Genre: Action, War

Language: Chinese   Sub-title: English

Runtime: 1 hour 21 minutes 40 seconds



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